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What we believe in
Working to bring people together to build our society back up from the ashes.

Who we are

We are built up from the remnants of society. We want to use the power of books to educate the people and bring the world together to make it a better place.

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Recent Accomplishments

On the West Coast we have successfully rebuilt an old water plant to purify water for people in the surrounding states. Not only that but we have hooked them up to irrigation systems to support the local farmers and expand our fields by over 30%!

In the Mid-West we are ramping up our printing effort to get out the most recent edition of survival guides, including more information about hunting, gathering, and surviving weather regardless of where you decide to travel.

On the East Coast we have opened what will be our 20th fully functioning hospital to date. This is our first opening that is also equipped with the resources and staff to train any volunteers on how to be a field medic. Members can also claim a first aid kit during their open hours.